Investment Roadmap at SIBOS

by Lisa Taikitsadaporn and Hanno Klein | December 15, 2010 | For the first time, there is actual proof of the long promised commitment from standards bodies and the industry to work together under the ISO 20022 umbrella. The Standards … More

Standardizing the Standard: The Future of FIX

by Robert Stowsky and Jim Northey | October 2004 | The Futures Industry Association has been very involved in encouraging standardization across the financial markets. The FIA Standards Working Group’s work has centered on including derivatives in FIX for order … More

Just How Standard Do Standards Need To Be?

by Robert Stowsky | March 8, 2004 | The recent announcement by FIX Protocol Ltd. (FPL) on its certification program for fixed income highlights an ongoing debate not isolated to the financial services industry. On one side of the debate … More

Taikitsadaporn Fills The Gap for Fixed Income

NewsFIX editor Cate Long asked Lisa Taikitsadaporn of Brook Path Partners to share her experiences and perspective on the extension of FIX to fixed-income trading. | December 2003 | Q: How has your involvement with FIX Protocol developed? A: I first … More